The Sharknose Team

In 2010, a group of Dutch BMW fans felt the need for a general and non-profit event for classic BMW models. Expecting that the most models would come from the sharknose era, the years of the characteristics reclining nose, the name for the event was quickly established. From this very first edition the classic cars came from many directions, by the hundreds and even internationally!

Over the past years, the team has worked on a controlled growth, in which maintaining the friendly atmosphere of shared passion was key. Professionalizing every year, even when huge setbacks crossed our path, like the event venue burning down to the ground just days before the event in 2016. But the event took place each year!

Today the volunteers are united in the Sharknose Events Foundation, and still aim on a low entry level event that offers room to everyone’s personal interpretation of the classic car hobby.

Many official BMW clubs join us each year, and so is a steady team of sponsors, exhibitors and dealerships.

A bit more background information about this fantastic group of volunteers that make each years event a great party.

Mr Jeroen de laat:
Active since 2010.
El President.

Mr Peter Visser:
Active since 2010

Mr Gerwin Berghorst:
Active since 2010.

Mr Koos Buurman:
Active since 2010.

Mr Walter van der Schoot;
Active since 2015.

Mr Arnold van der Duim:
Active since 2010.

Mr Odo van den Broek.
Active since 2012.