Visiting or taking part in the event is fully at the own risk of participants, their guests and other visitors.

1: Limitation of liability

1.1 As far as applicable law allows, neither the organization of the sharknose meeting or any of their volunteers, participating organizations or other representatives (to be called ORGANIZATION from now on) can be held responsible for any loss or damages caused directly or indirectly or due to negligence caused by visiting or participating in the event, use of event material, including the material, facilities or services offered at the event or during the event. This limitation of liability includes, but is not limited to, indirect, circumstantial or consequent damages including loss of data, income, damages to or claims from third parties, even if the ORGANIZATION is made aware of the risks of loss and damages and even if these were to be foreseen.
1.2 Where applicable law or any representation is judged not applicable the liability of the ORGANIZATION for the total of loss, damages and claims is limited to the amount you may have paid for taking part in the event.

2: Compensation of damages, loss and or claims

2.1 By visiting or taking part in the event you will agree upon defending the rights of the ORGANIZATION and their members and that you will free them from any responsibility, claims, damages, costs including possible costs of legal representation in any way related to your visit or taking part.

3: House rules

3.1 Any instructions supplied by the ORGANIZATION are to be followed strictly and without hesitation.
3.2 People taking part in or visiting the event are strictly prohibited to cause excessive noise of any kind.
3.3 People taking part in or visiting the event are strictly prohibited to drive aggressively, neither on the event premises or on public roads.
3.4 Dutch traffic rules and regulations are mandatory to all people taking part in or visiting the event.
3.5 Attending the event is for the own risk of participants and visitors. This also includes all property brought to the event including trade goods and cars (also see Articles 1 and 2).
3.6 The ORGANIZATION is not responsible for any errors in documentation, the website or instructions during the event.

4: Responsibility of participants and visitors

4.1 All participants and visitors are personally responsible for all direct and indirect damages to third property as a result of their own presence, actions or negligence. This also includes damages and or pollution caused by spillages or leaks of fluids (including those from automobiles), as well as fire and goods and waste disposed of.
4.2 In case of leaks and spillages it is the obligation of every participant and visitor to take immediate action to take away the cause, and to stop and arrange collection of leaked fluids. Every participant and or visitor has the responsibility and obligation to remove any pollutions. In case the responsible person(s) do not take appropriate action, the ORGANIZATION has the right to take measures for account of the participant or visitor.